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From Sunrise to the history of clean made in Veneto.

We are happy and proud to announce that IMESA has been selected among 112 Venetian companies to develop its project within the contest “Atelier Museo d’Impresa” – IMESA talk about itself in the discovery of corporate heritage, promoted by the Veneto Region.

The initiative was created with the aim of enhancing the corporate heritage of Venetian companies, strengthening the link with their territory and becoming a driving force for economic, social and cultural growth.

IMESA realizes its own business museum, a place of collective cultural memory, showcase of its brand heritage. A meeting place for companies and operators to get to know, discuss and encourage the integration and strengthening of mutual skills.

IMESA is the fruit of its land, proudly Made in Italy for 50 years and today more than ever it lives the bond with its territory and its people. The dark moment that the world is experiencing, the difficulties and uncertainties that characterize the business life of every day and our people, increases our sense of responsibility towards the community that has always supported us.


Our history, a history that starts from afar and that has led us to international success, our identity, our tradition and our technology deserve to be told.
A story that does not stop today but looks to the future, a museum that grows with us, that interacts with our guests and brings them into the IMESA world.


An experience of pure beauty, a museum that tells 50 years of history and experience of the only Italian manufacturer whose core business is also a vocation: the treatment of every type of fabric, from washing water to finishing.