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Efficiency, sturdiness and ease of use for high level washing results.
The new EVO.LINE washing machines, completely renewed in design, present features that further enhance their performance.

Increased sturdiness and durability guarantee

The spider mounted on the entire range of washing machines is made of Stainless Steel

Improved insulation and increased performance

New painted counter-wall mounted on all models LM 14-18-23-26-32Kg e RC 18-23-30kg

Reduced vibration

New anti-vibration sides on LM 14-18-23 models

Low noise and less vibration

New front washer gasket mounted on all models LM 14-18-23-26-32kg and RC 18-23-30kg

Improved efficiency

Electrical panel air flow system modified on high-spin washer LM from 8 to 32Kg and low-spin RC from 11 to 40Kg


Targeted washing cycles, innovative technologies to reduce consumption, but especially small-large cares that improve the operation and the use experience.

Reliability and maneuverability

New hand operation door lock system mounted on all range of washers from 14 to 85 Kg

Improved stability

New door lock support pins mounted on all models LM 14-18-23-26-32kg and RC 18-23-30kg

Better grip and movement control

New conical door gasket mounted on all models LM 14-18-23-26-32kg and RC 18-23-30kg

Refined aesthetic

Door glazing on all range of washers

EVO.LINE is a new look. After many years of being painted in RAL 5012 blue, IMESA’s production is now taking on grey and black. Grey represents balance, love of technology, conveying strength and solidity. Black is elegance.

Refined elegance

Black plastics and grey paint on the entire range of washing machines, dryers, flatwork ironers and drying ironers EVO.LINE

Care for details

New smaller emergency button
New black sectioner handle
New grey detergent tray
New rusting treatment on dryers door
Black hand-saver bar on ironers

Greater economic sustainability and reduction of waste

Use of recycled black plastics

Better UX and UI

New graphic layout on IM11 and easy interaction


E for





It’s the thrill of a race that takes strength away, but, nevertheless, we devour the road meter by meter.
It’s the emotion of changing to become what we want to be.

EVO.LINE is a new range. From washing machines to dryers, through flatwork ironers and drying ironers, the evolution of the IMESA product has begun.

It’s an evolution of thought that leads us to product evolution.

It’s a change in processing and  methods. It’s a new approach to the market.


is the business environment that grows with its people.
Immagini per sito copertina Evo.line_Evolution


is the determination that drives the group even in the face of difficulties.


is change in line with new technologies and new materials.
Immagini per sito copertina Evo.line_Emotion


is the satisfaction of our people when they shape their ideas.