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A horse ride

The fascinating world of horse riding has always been for IMESA a “working environment” for which to study ideal solutions to the cleaning of the underpads and all the sheets and blankets used in the management of a horse.
From this year we observe this world from a different perspective, with a participatory spirit and letting go of the emotions generated by the elegance of these beautiful horses.

Planet Equitrek A.S.D. based in San Dona di Piave – – is now part of the IMESA family and it is with great joy that we support their activities and their spirit.
Planet Equitrek is an association that trains riders, which teaches respect for the horse, a friend with whom to share new experiences.

IMESA over the years has always supported sport and recreational-artistic activities involving boys and girls of various ages; this year we have taken a step towards the world of animals, precious companions of our lives.

We share with great pleasure some shots taken during an inter-social night race, guests of Planet Equitrek the equestrian club of Palmanova and the equestrian club Ca Longa
Over a hundred paths, fun, competition, but above all sharing.